Why you should use your temporary fire hoardings for marketing

If your store is currently undergoing a transformation, hoardings will be necessary, especially in shopping centres where you have to fiercely protect the customer. Plain white hoarding can be detrimental to your business in the long run, especially if your renovation takes longer than a couple of weeks. This might put you off making any changes for fear of losing customers but we have the ideal solution for you: advertising on your fire-rated hoardings. Here’s the advantages of advertising on your temporary fire hoardings.

Fire Hoardings for Marketing - Why you should use your temporary fire hoardings for marketing

First, advertising on your fire hoarding is basically just like advertising on a billboard. For virtually no price at all! Of course, you might not think that billboard advertisement is effective but American research shows that it is but isn’t worth the price for how effective it is. The cost is no issue in this situation so you only have to worry about the effectiveness. Despite the data being American, I doubt there will be much difference in results if it was conducted in the UK. Over 70% look at the message on a billboard and over 50% remember something funny then look up the business. When you’re getting this for virtually free, it is too good to turn down. You’ll be gaining customers even whilst your doors are closed!

Second, advertising is most effective when short, snappy and photographic – Everything that can be on temporary fire hoarding! Something that includes all of this will stick subconsciously in somebody’s mind and this will make them have an interest in your shop once the work is completed. This means that despite the fact you’re not going to be getting customers whilst the building is renovated, you will potentially have new customers afterwards.

Third (and the most obvious), is that your fire rated hoarding is going to be there anyway. If you’re having renovations, why not just see if adverts on your hoarding works out for you? Leaving it blank will not affect you positively so why not just see if adverts do? You certainly have nothing to lose by doing this so you might as well try it. Even if it doesn’t work for your business then at least you tried it. Blank hoarding may lose you custom whereas one with marketing should at least maintain it until you can open again.

Finally, in other forms of marketing, you must pay. Pay per click, pay per time advertised or pay per insertion. If you use your money to market in other ways, it is a complete waste of completely free advertising space to not use your fire rated hoardings for advertisements! Imagine how much it would cost to have your message displayed 24 hours, 7 days a week for as long as you want anywhere else. Hoarding marketing can stay there as long as you wish it to and will always be there, no sharing advertising time with other people and no bidding for higher positions. Can you beat this cost-effective form of marketing? We doubt it! Until you can re-open your shop, this is the ultimate way to keep promoting yourself.

That’s our reasons for advertising on your temporary fire hoardings. If you get in touch with us at Excel Hoardings, we can not only sort out some top-quality hoarding for you (including instalment!) but also, we can arrange for you to have marketing of your choice to be printed upon your hoarding. If you have any queries, we’re always more than happy to help you out with advice, so get in touch today!

Don’t delay your renovations any longer, take advantage of hoarding marketing now!

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