Types and selection of shipping container

Shipping containers are the best when you are thinking of shifting your belongings to one place to the other in a bulk. Apart from this purpose, the containers of different types are used by different industries for trading and transport. The sizes also differ for each type, for example, you can get a full heighted or half heighted containers. However, the types that are available includes the following:

Shipping Containers - Types and selection of shipping container

1. Open top containers:

These are the type of containers that comes with an open top. The space above the containers allows an easy shifting and picking of the material from the top. Moreover, they have doors on both sides as well. These can be considered as having a swap body.

2. Container with dry storage:

These containers are considered as the ones for the transfer of dry products or materials. The most common sizes present in the variety of dry containers is 40ft, 20ft and 10 ft. The dry containers are also known as the ISO containers i.e. standardized with the policies explained by ISO.

3. Double door containers:

These containers provide you with the facility to transfer the material into the container from both sides. The biggest advantage of using a double door container is that it will require less space as the material can be shifted from both sides. The construction material of double door container contains iron, steel etc.

4. Tunnel shaped containers:

Container with tunnel shape is the best one considered for the quick uploading and unloading of the material that is being transferred. The tunnel shaped freight containers contain two sided door that can be used at the same time.

5. Containers with flat rack:

This type of containers contains two sided collapsible. These are capable of providing a proper support to the material that is being loaded on the container. A wide variety of goods can be transferred with the help of these flat rack containers. They are available in different sizes as well.

6. Container with one open side:

The best part of having a one side open containers is that you can have a wide area for shifting your goods inside the container. As it is capable of opening up from a longer side. This wide opening makes the uploading and unloading of the material quite easy and quick.

7. Refrigerated containers:

There are some materials that need to be transferred at a specific temperature. This requirement is fulfilled by using the refrigerated containers. They are installed with the proper machinery that will maintain the inside temperature.

You can decide any of the above mentioned types of container. Apart from them, there are more types that are available for example nuclear containers. However, the thing you should keep in mind while selecting a shipping container is your requirement and the nature of the material you need to transfer.

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