Thirty Incredible Ways Technology Will Change Education By 2028

Technology has proved to influence the school system in the society and therefore, the growth of technology improves the educational system as learning requires technology.

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Online Courses

  • A high number of learners will easily access online courses at their convenience.
  • The open source learning contributes to the innovation in education as many suggestions will be provided.

Student Centered Approaches

  • Modern models of learning like the blended-learning will replace the traditional k-12 model of education.
  • There will be government programs to farm out literacy and educational programs to start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  • In some pilot programs, learning simulations will begin to replace right instruction type of learning.
  • A collaboration of continuous peer to peer and school to school type of learning will begin.
  • Institutional documents will be replaced with achievement certificates that are social and self-selected.
  • Learners will have a duty to respond to socially collaborative mentors through the digital media.


  • The development of technology will introduce wearing heads-up display that will equip learners with information and social data in real time.
  • Technology will replace and amplify schools and teachers with guided ones.
  • Blended and e-learning will outnumber and supplement schools.
  • The computer-based testing will replace the precise learning gap and style of the students for academic proficiency.
  • Technology will encourage the creation of YouTube channels for content that meets the needs of the learners.
  • There will be the development of biometrics that will help in responding to the heart rate and gland stimulation.
  • Some phone applications will replace school textbooks.

Novel Approaches 

  • Some schools will refuse to adopt the new technology and cultural trends leading to the formation of splinter groups.
  • Internet games will be adopted ineducation and used in the project-based learning.
  • The distinctive form of learning will replace schools just as the old model of content.
  • The academic competency will be outpaced with digital literacy.
  • The difference in education due to technology development will support migration of some families to suit their educational needs.
  • Text complexity tools will emerge, and this can be available on a camera feature of a mobile device.
  • Algorithms will continue offering the traditional academic learning through the personalized learning in schools.
  • Learning from mobiles will discourage the movement of students in class and transform a learning studio to a community.
  • The high academic standards in place will begin to decline as institutionally-centered artifacts will lose credibility.
  • The schools will struggle to communicate learning results to the unfortunate community members like the blind as visual data will replace the numerical data.
  • The culture will be rooted in the social learning experiences rather than being integrated into units.
  • Smart-sensitive boards will be in use with a better student metrics and more visual assessment results.
  • The formal learning methods will be self-directed for families.
  • The Distinct forms of learning will supplement classes with both entrepreneurial education and open source learning.
  • The school will provide relevant, current and useful training that will address the global and local challenges like clean water and human trafficking.

Author Bio: The author of this guest article is Terry Heick. He is a graduate of the University of Louisville and contributed towards the critics of future learning and emerging technology.

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