The Evolution of Data Presentation

According to the experts, the data around the world will flood at a rate of 40% year. Definitely, a huge amount of data isn’t it? Data may come in different forms, such databases, finances, blogs, audio and video, excel, and other online data. With the massive amount of data, fortunately, there are several ways on how to efficiently present such kinds of data. Thus, this makes easier for people to process various kinds of information presented to them.


What is Data Presentation? 

Data presentation refers to how people present a data or conveys an idea through the use of different tools, such as diagrams, distribution charts, graphs, histograms, and tables, among others. The type of tools to use when presenting a data will vary depending on what type of data or information is gathered and the types of its audience as well.

As technology evolved, the approach in presenting data has also changed. Let us take a look at the various methods on how people present their data.

Bar Graph 

A bar graph is made out of rectangles (that serve as the bars) with the same width. However, the height of the rectangles will vary depending on the number of the gathered data presented by the rectangle. This type of graph is typically used to summarize a group of data categorically. Moreover, a bar graph can be shown by either horizontally and vertically.

Line Graph 

Just like bar graph, line graph is used to present a data or an idea categorically. This type of graph is typically used when displaying or tracking a series of change in a set of a data. For example, line graph is useful to show the changes of a variable over time. The variable can be showed on the vertical axis (y-axis) while the time can be showed on the horizontal axis (x-axis). Hence, the changes are easily seen.

Pie Chart 

Pie chart is useful when presenting a data with parts or comparing different parts of a whole. It is also used to display percentage or proportional data. Some of the types of data that can be presented through pie chart are web browser market share or household budget. Such kind of data can be easily read by people when presented through a pie chart.


An infographic or information graph is a type of approach to graphically present a data or an idea. It is often used to visually display data, such as events, facts, and numbers, among others. The advantage of infographic with other approach is that it has pictures or a vector that makes it an efficient tool in presenting even the difficult context. Infographic can be used when presenting or explaining different kinds of concepts, such as big data trends, basics of content marketing, and even history of web design.

Mentioned above are only few of the several ways on how to present a data or an idea.

Such methods or tools are definitely beneficial for the data enrichment and idea presentation. The evolution of data presentation will definitely improve and change the way people process large amount of complex information and data.

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