Smart Tips to Enhance Your Content Marketing via Social Media

In the modern-day era, Content Marketing is no doubt one of the most commonly used and popular approaches of digital marketing. It provides marketers with a new and innovative approach to engage with their target markets and to get found on the commonly used search engines, such as Google. Social media platforms, like Facebook, are often taken as a different strategic option by marketers, but it should be the basic approach marketers utilize when they deploy their content marketing strategy to promote brands. 

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Currently, paid marketing on various social media platforms is a very effective to get marketing message in the form of content into the customers’ hands. But if marketers want high flow of traffic to expand business with rapid moments, encouraging the social media followers, your target market, is the best idea to share your marketing related blogs with their own social media loops. 

Many ways and approaches have been found for you, as marketer, to improve your content in the form of blogs to make them more informative and shareable on diverse channels of social media. The following tips are very effective and valuable. If you follow these when you develop content to post on blogs, you will see a magic because you will get a number of shares. In a flash, you will be able to increase the flow of traffic by using social media content.  

Optimization of Images for Social Media 

Use of stock images on blog posts is already a trend. Integration of images in blogs is in fact a beneficial approach because it adds some visual appeal on the page that ultimately breaks up the monotony. Nevertheless, after adding stock images in blogs, it is expected that you will not optimize them perfectly for social media sharing. So, just adding images is not enough. To make attention-grabbing the images, you need make sure that the images will work well if you share them on the major social media channels. 

You also need to try “sharing” your blogs on your social media pages with the aim of getting a preview of how images post to the sites. If you observe the images are oddly cropped, you can experiment with the image sizes. You wish the entire image to expose after sharing it on social media so that it does not look “strange.” 

Integration of text to images is also a perfect approach. These texts can be your website’s and blog post’s name. Sprinkling in regular stock images throughout the posts is still an option, but having minimum one image optimized by using this approach can be best for sharing on social media pages. Many free online and offline tools have been developed that can be used with the aim of easily adding text. These images work well on all the major social media platforms, like Pinterest.  

Add Buttons for Sharing on Social Media 

Users want easiness and convenience and if it is not easy for them to do so, they may not share your content or blogs with their followers. Gone are the days when marketers were engaged in copying URL to paste into a social media page and this strategy is very boring and tiresome on a smartphone or tablet device, and hence people do not like it to spend their enough time in doing it. The new and innovative trend is using a plug-in to integrate social media sharing buttons to all the posts. This approach is very helpful because the blog readers will just need to click the sharing button to share the blog with their followers. In fact, this approach is now a trend that can make a huge difference.  

Up-to-date Content in Blogs  

Avoid making blogs too generalized because a generalized content will disengage the readers. So, you need to address something current and most up-to-date trends in your industry or current events in order to keep your readers/followers informed. If you address what’s going on currently in your blog posts, the readers will show an urgency to share them with their circles. . 

Reward Readers/Followers for Sharing on Social Media 

Rewarding readers/followers for sharing on social media is best idea. There are many effective techniques that let marketers to reward the readers for sharing your blog content on their social media pages. As an instance, hosting a raffle is one of the best ways that will let the readers to get “tickets” for the raffle for sharing your marketing message on their own social media pages. 

Share on Your Own Social Media Pages 

There are some who may not even think of pressing the share buttons on your blogs. However, there is a best solution for this. If you post a blog on their newsfeed by using your social media page, the readers will just need to click the “share” button there and share it with their social circle. You just need use your social media account to Essay Writing Help “plug” new and informative as well as old favourite blog content. 

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