Optimizing Your Office Space to Increase the Productivity and Happiness

Is your work desk in a mess and you have to get the work done as soon as possible? Are you never satisfied with the position of the keyboard, mouse and monitor? Did you knock your knee on a table corner again, as if a backache wasn’t enough? Well, it looks like it’s a high time to bring the neglect of your workplace to an end. This simple decision has the empowering effect, and will influence both your productivity and health.

Work environment

The importance of the work environment

Some people spend more time at work than at home, thus the layout of the workplace is of utmost importance. Physical environment determines the level of content and engagement of you and your team. More comfortable and efficient offices can bring about the sense of innovation and collaboration. Business partners and clients will also make one of the most powerful impressions about the company based on its premises. Hence, attractive visual identity can boost the business and express the company’s philosophy.

Where to start?

The clutter. It is a source of distraction and it undermines your determination to keep up the good work. Not only that, you can lose valuable items and information in the mess. Store the documents in file folders, and anything of secondary importance you should put in drawers. Although the informational technology has rendered the paperwork almost obsolete, many important decisions are made on paper. The old-fashioned ways are still present.

You can also use the techniques like Feng Shui to attract positive energy in your work space. This ancient Chinese wisdom promotes round tables and furniture in place of all those ominous straight edges. Just don’t let your coworkers or employees get cocky and imagine they are becoming some kind of Knights of the Round Table.

place to work and relax

A place to work, a place to relax

Is a coffee break turning into a dull series of chitchats, and the good mood hangs by a thread? Consider building an atmosphere of inspiration and excitement. The staff should have as much input into the design as possible. Put a pin-board where people can express their ideas and suggest the furnishing for their offices. This stimulates creative performance and increases the commitment to the company’s goals.

Many people overlook the importance of frequent breaks. It is a god idea to create alternative work zones, and relaxation areas. A balcony can be an excellent place for people to recharge, and sometimes even a window with a nice view of a park will do the trick. Keep in mind that communal tables and coffee bars are better and more frequently used than a bunch of sterile meeting rooms. Yet, don’t turn them into constant party zones.

Be gentle to your body

Some workspaces can be rather unpleasant to your body. A prolonged sitting can harm your health, and cause various diseases, even death. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lifetime sitting since standing desk are finding their way into many offices.

If you would still rather sit, but your chair is currently doing you no good, there are a lot of ergonomic office chairs. Of course, everything can go to rack and ruin for your health if you slouch in it. Note that the computer screen should be in level with your eyes, and you might want to purchase ergonomic computer desks which offer the adjustable height of the desk top.

Environment office

Start now

Appealing environment is crucial for the company’s future, so why all the hesitation? Invite the professional interior designer who can make suggestions in a short notice. You can have an office interior design that looks trendy, but is also scientifically approved. If you can’t seem reorganize office hardware, just replace it. Remember that people who are content tend to work harder and stay longer in the company.

Think big, start small

Implementation of interior design changes is beneficial for all the workers, and thus for the company’s performance. It enhances team cohesion and makes people come to work stress-free. It helps to express the company’s identity and its brand. Attention to detail is important, whether you are in a place of silent contemplation or an intensive brainstorming room. Even small changes can increase the productivity and well-being of people employed in the company.

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