List of Debt Consolidation Options

Paying off debt is a big financial responsibility since you need to make sure that you settle your balances on time to avoid late payment fees that ruin your credit history. In the event that you need to manage multiple debts, you have to look for ways on how to consolidate these payables. This will make it easier for you in handing it so you can avoid the negative effects of bad debts that can distress your credit profile.

Debt Consolidation - List of Debt Consolidation Options

Debt consolidation is the process of refinancing several debts, such as credit card, personal loan, and auto loan mortgages into one single bill. Do you have an idea how it works? 

We provided a list of debt consolidation options that you might want to try.

Balance transfer 
A balance transfer is a method of transferring one debt from one credit card to another. Many credit card providers have a balance transfer feature in their selected cards that allows cardholders to settle their multiple payables through it. This method allows you to save on interest rates each month since you already consolidate multiple debts into one payable.

When choosing for a credit card, look for one that has a balance transfer feature. This will help you in case you will be needing to consolidate your multiple debts in the future.

Personal debt consolidation loan
Personal loans can be used as an avenue to consolidate your debts. Most of personal loan products in the market are unsecured and have a fixed payment period. Once you applied for it and got accepted, you can use it to pay for your other debts.

When opting for this type of consolidation, choose loan product with low-interest rate. But if you have a bad credit, chances are you can get a higher interest rate or get rejected with your application. In case you get a loan with a higher interest, you can still use it to pay for your balances, however, it will not let you save money.

Debt settlement 
To lower your payables up to 30% to 50%, opt to debt settlement. This method works by paying a monthly fee to a debt settlement firm. Then, they will negotiate a lump sum amount lower than the amount you owed.


Picking for the best debt consolidation loan is not tedious as you think. You can search for it through banks or financial institutions. Ask if they have loan products that can help you consolidate your multiple debts. To speed up your shopping, you may also opt to look in the online comparison sites. You can review several loan options with just one glance and they may have faster loan application process as well.

When you already pick a debt consolidate options, you need to plan on how you will use it. Identify what debts you will prioritize, good or bad debt, since there are many different good debts that help you increase your credit score. Just keep in mind that your end goal is to be debt-free as soon as you can.

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