How to Maintain Your Integrity just using White Hat strategies

SEO specialists in the country are tasked to optimize keywords, generate content, and design and build a website. One of the techniques used by Specialist to optimize a website efficiently is the White Hat strategy.  A White Hat strategy refers to any ethical SEO technique or strategy, which improves the rankings of a certain website in the search engines. Unlike in Black Hat, White Hat maintains a good image of your website and stays within the terms of service of the different search engines. To learn more about it, here are some of the white hat strategies you can do to optimize your website and still maintain your integrity.

SEO Team - How to Maintain Your Integrity just using White Hat strategies

Compelling Content

One of the important rules of white hat is to produce a quality and compelling content. Content is considered as the soul of a good SEO. Unlike in black hat, producing a high-quality and compelling content that is tailored for your audience is a practice in white hat, which definitely improves your search performance on a search engine results page (SERP).

Compelling content may come in form of blogs, images, infographics, podcasts, newsletters, and engaging videos. These contents should be valuable, which both entertain and inspire your audience.

Using the Right and Appropriate Keywords

If the quality content is considered as the soul of SEO, keywords are the heart of a good SEO. Keywords are the set of words or phrases that can be found in your web content, which make it possible for your audience to locate your website using different search engines. Before you produce your compelling content, it is important that you identify the right and appropriate keywords that are relevant to it. Why? Because the more specific you are, the better your chances are at hitting the right market. But if you want, you can also go for the relevant, long-tail keywords.

Using of tools, such as Google Keyword Planner enables you to identify the popular keywords suitable for your content.

Build Relationship through Link Building 

One of the most effective ways to reach the top rank in search engines is to build and establish a relationship with other website owners. This is done through link building. Link building refers to the process of obtaining hyperlinks from other websites to your own website. It is usually done through promoting of what content you have produced; it may be a blog post or infographic. This practice also builds a long-term relationship with the leaders in the industry.

Link building comes in two kinds: organic link building and artificial link building. Organic link building refers to the type of link building that does not use technical methods. This refers to building links from someone else’s website. This can be done through techniques such as quality content and social bookmarking. Basically, organic link building is building links by providing great content that people will want to share with their readers and/or followers.

On the other hand, artificial link building refers to the manipulated link building method. The methods used in artificial link building are blog commenting and forum posting.

In the Philippines, SEO companies are the building blocks of a certain website or brand, especially if the company is starting out and want to increase their visibility in the search engines right away.

White hat produces a clean and organic way of increasing your search engine rankings. Mentioned above are few of the many techniques used in white hat. Practice these strategies and it will surely increase your website traffic.


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