How to encourage your dog and baby bond

When we were kids, we would all say that the perfect family was the one consisting of parents, children and pets. Dogs are our best friends, they are always here to protect us and make our day, providing us with unconditional and completely selfless love. Once we get used to them, we gradually forget how monotonous and plain our lives are without them. But, what happens when your baby arrives? Unfortunately, there is a popular belief that dogs represent a threat for your newborn, which usually results in people’s decision to give their dogs away. Can you even imagine how stressful it would be for both you and your pet? Discarding a living being that is completely helpless without you has never been an option!


The truth is, the risk that your dog won’t like your baby always exists especially if you don’t train it properly. Therefore, if you teach your dog in advance to love and protect your child, you will probably witness the sweetest thing ever- bonding a lifetime friendship between your pet and baby. Dogs have the inborn trait to love and respect their owners, so you just need to teach them how to do that. If you would like to encourage and strengthen the bond between your baby and dog, check out these amazing tips!

Make changes ahead of time

Once your baby comes into the household, there are numerous things that could make your dog aggressive or dissatisfied. That’s why you need to make changes and help your pet get used to them before your newborn arrives. For example, you should start with providing your pet with less attention. If you do that a couple of months before giving the birth, your dog won’t associate such changes with the baby’s arrival. On the other hand, you shouldn’t completely banish your dog once the baby comes for it will just worsen the things and make your dog even more jealous.

What you should know is that your dog observes your family as its pack, therefore you must make it feel like a member of the pack. Therefore, you need to set some rules and teach your dog to respect them without hurting it. For example, when your child is out of the crib, you should never let the dog into the nursery. You could put up a baby gate in these areas and not let the dog in.

Introduce your dog to the baby

Apart from making changes in advance, you will have to introduce your dog to the baby. You just need to make sure that you’re doing it properly. For example, you could start with your baby’s blanket. The most common mistake parents make is handing over the blanket to their dog, which will end up completely torn up. Instead of handing the blanket to it, you should let is sniff for a couple of seconds and then remove it.

Another, more complicated step is introducing your baby and dog “in person.” In the very beginning, dog will always be in another room, far from your baby for numerous reasons. That’s why you need to introduce them gradually, with a lot of patience. For example, you could take your baby into the living room, sit down and relax. Then, you should suggest your partner that he/she should bring the dog in there. The first meeting can be both, surprisingly positive and negative experience. For example, the dog may like the baby or become overly aggressive. If you notice that its temper is changing, you should immediately remove the dog from the room and repeat the same plan the next day. If the dog reacts positively to your baby, let it come closer and sniff the baby’s feet, but don’t allow it to get close to baby’s face.

Think of dog as a living being

Dog is not a toy! That’s why you should never let the dog hurt your baby or the baby hurt your dog. Therefore, you must teach your children to respect their pet and treat them well. In order to do that, you could organize a plenty of various interesting games, such as hide-and-seek, fetch or stay inside the rope that would bond the relationship between your dog and baby.

Maintain your dog properly

Once the baby is here, you need to pay attention to your dog’s health, too. For example, if the dog has fleas, your entire family is under the risk of being attacked by these annoying parasites. Although fleas are really miniature, it will be easy for you to notice of your dog suffers from them. If your dog experiences scratching, discomfort, hair loss, irritated skin and pale gums, you should definitely do the spot check and contact the veterinarian. Also, there is an amazing Stefmar’s furminator that will help your dog get beautiful and shiny hair.

All in all, creating the bond between your baby and dog is pretty simple. All you have to do is to take into consideration your dog’s needs and its unconditional love for its owners. Your dog is a member of your family, and your family is your dog’s pack. If you are willing and enthusiastic enough, you will manage to ensure the lifetime relationship between your four-legged and two-legged child! Good luck!

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