How to Create an Open-Air Cinema in Your Very Own Backyard

Today’s movie going experience can sometimes be a really mixed bag. Bad seats, mobile phones and crowd which always finds new and most unusual ways to annoy and distract,usually diminish the overall experience from the average moviegoer. But, watching the movie in hi-tech living room just doesn’t cut it the same way, right? Why wouldn’t you have the best of both worlds, then? Gather up the people you like to watch movies with, set up your very own open-air cinema in the backyard and watch Friday the 13th marathon in the best possible tradition of drive-ins. To astonish your friends and annoy your neighbors has never been an easier task.

Backyard Movie

Getting the Right Equipment

There are several things that are absolutely necessary to make this work. That would be device to play movies on, projector, sound system and some sort of screen where move will be projected. Since you can play movies from your laptop we will consider this one checked. Ideal projector should have fairly high lumen output and you should go for the highest possible resolution, but if their price point is above your budget, prioritize brightness.

Your laptop’s sound output is out of the question in this circumstance, so obtaining 2.0 system as the most cost efficient solution, is recommended, to say the least. It is also easy to set up and doesn’t require too much wiring. Your screen can be pretty much any flat, white surface, but if you want something inexpensive and cinema-like in front of you, get the vinyl sheet or paint the reflective white paint on large enough wooden board.

Preparing the Ground

First of all you will have to identify the place in your yard that will be comfortable enough for your guests and convenient for accommodating the screen. Once you find it, decide are you going to build temporary or permanent installation. If your cinema is here to stay you should consider digging a small trench from your home to the location of the projector and run the cables through the PVC pipe you will place in that trench.

Watching Movie Backyard

It goes without saying that your installation should be rain-proof. If you have some kind of covered patio you will be fine, but if you don’t, try considering marquees as one of the most practical solutions out there. Not only do these structures offer great protection, but they are also more than affordable and you can easily set them up and adjust them to your preferences, we learn at a Melbourne-based company offering marquees for sale.

How to Avoid Ruining the Whole Experience

Watching movies is more enjoyable when it’s dark. You want it to be dark enough to see the movie, but you also want a little light for practical reasons and ambiance, so use soft lights. If you are watching horror movie, why wouldn’t you consider using candles to enrich the whole experience. Also, have you thought of debugging the whole area before the guests arrive? Don’t use the harsh chemicals, there is a lot of natural ways to repel them, but be sure that these pests are not invited to the party. There is no one seat to please them all, so ask your friends how they like to watch movies, and supply them with lazy bags, blankets, chairs, or whatever makes them comfortable.

Are you done? Guests are all right? Finally, it is time to open a beer, grab some popcorn and enjoy in 3, 2, 1…

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