Data Transmission Through Bones

Data Transmission through Bonesis a process where data and information are transmitted from the human body to physical gadgets through bones.

Bone Conduction Headphones

The Phase of Human Technology 

  • Technological advancements in science are turning the unthinkable things into realities. Who could have imagined listening to music or opening your door to your house by merely touching the handle?

  • The bio-acoustic data transfer has made it possible for data to be conveyed through the body bones through a bone conduction mechanism. Through a system combining the skeletal structure and the mobile device, an individual can unlock the door to his/her house without a key.

Hatching of the Bio-Acoustic Data Transfer Technology

The principle behind the bio-acoustic data transfer system that makes it secure is the unique structure a person’s bones. Just like the exclusive alignment of individuals thumps, their bones possess the unique structure and configuration which once transferred to locks, no other person apart from you can be able to have access through the door in case you lose your keys. The concept was developed from the idea of our fingerprints having distinct characteristics.

How does it Work?

  • Apart from the secure unlocking of doors, data transfer has been made safer and fast though the technology. Individuals can transfer or exchange data and information just by a simple handshake rather than the other normal way of using gadgets.
  • As explained earlier, the prototype of the technology was first developed from the fingertip gestures. In the experimental phase, the researcher conveyed music through the bones to the calibrating system. He realized that data could be transmitted from the body to a solid object or body by use of vibrations.
  • The bio-acoustic data transfer by combining bone conduction and mobile devices is effected by attaching piezoelectric transducers to the mobile device or a watch and other compatible gadgets.
  • Whenever the owner of a house approaches the door, his/her body sends unique digital keys to the lock if the key matches the deadbolt unlock permitting access. If the keys are not identical, no person can access the door without the use of force.

More Advancements are yet to be

Further research is being undertaken that will allow sending of short messages without using mobile phones.

  • People suing this technology are advised to proceed with caution through the handshake data transfer mechanism, their contact information, or any data one wishes sharing could be sent from one body to another at a very simple handshake.
  • The lock mechanism is very secure in that in case an intruder tries to enter the user’s premises without consent the door can notify the owner of the intrusion through his/her mobile device.
  • The technology also eliminates the need of having a key as the key is synchronized to the mobile device through the bone conduction.
  • The technology also permits easy and quick transfer of information between the user’s devices. The advancement affirms that every person is going to be the password to his or her lockable properties.
  •  Data dissemination is going to be a one-touch entity, reducing the amount of gadgets being carried around storing an individual’s data.

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