Cloud backup and storage options for businesses

There are some large amounts of businesses that are already converted, or are looking the ways to convert to cloud storage for business backup or file sharing. This significantly includes outsourcing some of the storage requirements to a service provider and is quite useful when enabling some flexible working requirements for your staff. Many employees, partners and multiple clients can be provided with their rights to access the data stored on the cloud, and so can access that business data from any part of the world.


There are three important points that you will really want to check while choosing the cloud storage option: These are Space, Security and the Cost. Multiple services offer various balances between these three elements, so now it will come down perfectly to which is most reliable for your organization, or maybe you want to create some great mix of numerous services to create a unique balance. 

So by keeping these things in mind, you can find the low-down on cloud storage options:

Personal usage:

If you are a regular Apple user, then you might be very interested to know that it has recently released their I Cloud service. It is already installed on new Apple device, so this I Cloud electronically backs-up all the content, important emails, and contacts etc. to the 5GB of free cloud storage. This is very useful for those important moments when you’ve accidentally lost the phone yet need instant access to the contact. And when you step on your iPad accidentally and need that important document you were previously working on.

Cloud for backup:

But if you are not an Apple user then there are still lots of wonderful options for a simple cloud backup. You can use cloud backup services that works online and automatically sync important files and folders at least from up to 4 PCs, tablets and laptops and provide a backup of all the files.

Small group usage:

If you want any cloud storage option that efficiently allow you to share your personal data within a team then you have lots of options. You can find choose Drop Box or MS Sky drive.

Drop Box provides free and paid cloud storage service options that depend on your specific requirements. With their free service, you can start with 2GB of entire space and hence you are perfectly being able to earn up to at least 17GB by referring your friends and family. If you want to use Drop Box intensively for some business purposes, then I think you should take a look at their Pro and some Team options which will provide you upwards of 100GB space.

There are still lots of wonderful options you can apply for your business data protection, but among all, I will suggest you to choose cloud backup services which are cost effective, safe and user friendly. So make a wise decision today and keep your information safe.

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