A Travel Guide to Korea

Korea is quite a beautiful country to visit and its becoming a very hot destination for travelers from all over the world. Though, it has its own dark history full of bloodshed all over Korea. But now the coast is clear and Southern Korea is emerging out as a well developed country in front of the world which has a well educated population and posse’s good technological edge over others in the world.

Unsusa, Busan, Korea
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Korea is not limited to just developing new technologies through R&D and exporting it to other countries and in return importing some food products from the rest of the world. But it has many things to offer on its own like it has beautiful landscape based on urban and rural architecture, awesome rivers, lakes, ponds and sea and even beautiful shopping malls with truly delicious Korean food to offer. Gwangalli beach at Busan is an awesome place to visit; you will going to enjoy the water, the beach and the scenery of the beautiful sea.

There are some activities which you can do when visiting Korea.

Climbing a Volcano

For climbing up a volcano, you need to wake up about 90 minutes before the dawn begins and start to walk up the peak of Seongsan Ilchul-bong which is an active volcano present on the East coast of Jeju. It takes only about 25 minutes in order to complete the steep of about 182 meters. Watch the sunrise and enjoy the beauty of the nature. This has some similarity with hiking and climbing the mountains in Malaysia.

Sunset on Hyeopjae Beach

The cobalt sea which ripples across 9 Km of the soft white sand of Hyeopjae beach in Hallim village. It’s considered to be the most scenic beach of Jeju’s. At dusk, you can observe the real charm of this place.

The Halla Mountain Challenge

Halla Mountain is quite visible from every corner of the island when the weather is clear. Not everyone is able to hike for about 9 Kms to experience the true Halla experience. But those who dares will see the rock formations, magnificent foliage and other good looking scene.

Savour the Simple Fare

Jeju’s food has a huge influence from the sea that includes a hot pot filled with crabs, shrimps, clams and varieties of other sea food dishes. These local dishes are served with bowl of rice and vegetables; it is mainly eaten as dinner or at lunch time but some takes it in the breakfast.

Time Travel at Seongup Folk Village

At Seongup Folk village, you will be able to explore the traditional architectural design which is about an hour drive outside the city of Jeju. You will be making your way through the narrow lanes to reach the restaurants and shops. You can eat some tradition food like Jeju barbecued meat at a tiny restaurant “Gwandangnae Sikdang”.

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