5 things to consider when arranging a team-building event

Are you looking to arrange a team-building event? Whatever your reasons for having to arrange an event, these tips can be applied to the situation. If you need any help arranging the event ATM Events are always here to help you out.

Team Building Event - 5 things to consider when arranging a team-building event

One: Assess what suits your team best

Before you start planning any activities, it would be best to have a look at each member of the team and see what will suit them best. There’s no point going away, arranging things and then realising that half your team will not enjoy the event. Before you book anything, consider the opportunity for embarrassment and physical injury. If there’s a chance of these it may be best to choose a different activity because it will not help team members to be embarrassed and injured. You need to make sure that you’re not forcing team members to participate in something that they really don’t want to do because that could lead to resentment and make them not put their full into the event anyway.

Two: Venue

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is where you’ll be able to host the team-building event. You’ll want to make sure that the venue is right for the activities that you want to do. If you want refreshments throughout the day, you may want to pick a venue that has this near to avoid having to go elsewhere for refreshments. Planning properly is key else team members will be put off by the lack of planning involved. If you’re not sure what you’ll require, here at ATM we have staff who specialise in planning events. If you tell us your activities that you want to perform, we can help you with our free venue finder. Our customer service is brilliant and we have years of experience so you can rest assured that we know what we are doing.

Three: Budget

Arguably the most important step, deciding on a budget for your event is crucial so that you can make sure everything fits into what you have decided. Obviously if your budget is restricted, you’re going to struggle to do events that cost lots of money which is why you need to plan before starting to consider other stuff. If you contact anybody to help you plan the event, such as us, you will inevitably be asked what your budget is. If you don’t have the answer to this, we cannot recommend suitable activities that you would be able to do which means a budget plan is vital. You start planning your budget by working out how many people will be going, then work from there.

Four: Duration

This step is important as you need to consider how much time will be available for you to be doing team-building activities. It might seem obvious, but some people forget to plan this. If you must travel to a location for the activity, you’ll have to include this into your plan. If you only have an hour or so, you need to make sure that the events you’re looking at are not going to take that long. There’s no point booking a 3-hour team-building experience and only being able to stay for 50 minutes. That’s why planning the time you have available is imperative.

Five: How many events

One event isn’t going to make the whole team friends instantly. It may increase productivity for a few days but you should look at doing more than one activity. This relates to the other things to consider as you’ll need to account for additional events in your budget and if you need the same venue, you’ll need to plan this. This can also link into your assessment of the team. How well do they get on? Will a good relationship take 3 sessions or 10? It’s important to plan this so that you don’t spend all your budget on one thing and then not be able to do other necessary events.

These are our 5 things to consider when arranging a team-building event. If you require help with any of our steps, ATM Events would be happy to give you any assistance you required. Is there anything key you think we’ve missed? Let us know!

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