5 Life Hacks to Beat the Flood While Travelling

In recent news, more places around the globe experience extreme flooding. People have difficult times getting from one place to another, and some even are stuck in their cars while traveling. Being aware of weather forecasts is one thing but knowing what to do in case you can’t get moving because of the floods is another. Here are five life hacks to beat this circumstance during transit.

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1. Prepare an Emergency Kit

Whether you’re riding a sedan such as a Toyota Vios or a compact MPV like Toyota Innova in the Philippines, it is essential to carry an emergency kit in your bag so you can reach out for food and water without having to buy from the nearby convenience store. Medicines, flash light, matches, and extra clothes should also be present in the car. A white sheet like towel or a rug is also a must-have. Hang it outside your window or on your roof so emergency services can spot you in an instant.

2. Wear Strong Shoes

Water resistant shoes are your best bets when it comes to surviving through the floods. It is difficult to walk through floods that are even in the level of ankles when you wear shoes where water creeps in and is absorbed by the material. Wearing wet socks and shoes is also not good since you may catch cold easily. Don’t attempt to swim or wade into floodwaters though even if you have water resistant shoes. This is still dangerous and the level of flooding can be unpredictable.

3. Move High

If you’re already out on the street, the best thing to do is to look for higher sections of the road. Drive slowly and steadily so you won’t create a giant wave and be a hassle to other motorists and pedestrians. Search for clear routes and stay on the high grounds so the stopping time in standing water won’t be too long. Make sure to also maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front.

4. Keep Out of Electrical Wires

To be electrocuted is everyone’s worst nightmare. The key is to keep out of power lines and electrical wires especially those that are exposed outside. Electricity travels through water and downed power lines cause danger in floods.

5. Turn Around

If the end of the road is no longer visible because of the rising waters, do not hesitate a bit to turn around. When this happens and there is little chance to escape, abandon the vehicle and do not wait until the water enters the car. Otherwise, you will be in for some serious trouble. When water creeps in faster than you thought, press both feet against the windshield to pop it off then reach higher grounds and call for help.


It’s not cool to pretend to be a superhuman when experiencing a natural disaster. Extreme floods may happen anytime so a complete preparation and a good knowhow are your ideal arms to combat against it while travelling. In any case, safe navigation is of primary importance. It will be best to plan your journey ahead and look out for potential congestion on the road. Turn on the radio or TV for local news and stay updated with road closures, flooding and other related forecasts.

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Randolph Hoover and his family were originally from San Diego California but he is currently studying Business Administration in Umea University in Sweden. Aside from being a student, He also helps his parents with their home maintenance business in their home in Umea. He is also one of the marketing guy for Toyota Philippines.

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