3 Life Skills to Teach Kids to Make the School Year Easier

Wherever you kids are studying in, whether it’s in a public school or an international school in Manila, they should have already learned some life skills no matter their age. However, there are some skills that should be taught at a certain age as children don’t develop at the same pace. Their interest will surface as they grow older and their level of maturity will rise as they age.

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Here are a few life skills your school aged children should learn to their not just their school life but life in general, easier and more productive.

Early to sleep, early to rise.

Teach your kids to follow a sleep routine. Many of adults struggle with following a proper sleep routine after an exhausting day at work because they have so much to do at home, too. If you’re trying to get your child to get to sleep try out the four Bs. Bathing, Brushing, Books, and Bed. Instilling good hygiene into your child is a good life skill as well. Have them read books before going to bed. When they’re about six to seven years old, your child should be able to put themselves to bed, and teenagers who are usually nocturnal, should always be reminded that they should go to bed at a reasonable time. If they get the proper amount of sleep, waking up for school in the morning won’t be a chore, and there won’t be any frowning or sleepy children at breakfast.

Money management.

Teach them how money works. Mom and dad can’t just get anything they point at in the mall. Most of the time, parents are too busy teaching their kids how to ride their bike, to tie their shoes, send them to swimming and taekwondo lessons that they forget to teach them how to manage their money. When your kid is old enough to receive an allowance from you, and when they’re old enough to get a part time job, teach them how to budget their money. If you teach them young, there’s a big possibility that your child will be a financially responsible adult in the future.

Healthy options

Teach your child to make healthy choices. It might be challenging to think up of a healthy, balanced meal at the end of a tiring day, especially when it’s so easy to just pick up the phone and order takeout. Children learn from the eating habits of their parents, so if they see you eating a bowl of cookies, giving yourself a cheat day after a stressful day at work, they’re going to think that it’s okay for them to do that, too. So instead of displaying a jar of cookies at the kitchen counter display a bowl of fruit with bananas, apples, and oranges. This can help them fuel their bodies better. Eating healthier means that children won’t get sick as easily and maybe get that perfect attendance medal at school! No need to catch up on lessons they missed.

Gauge when your child should learn these skills. Again, not every child develops the same, and you should take into consideration their maturity level before teaching them any other life skills you think they would need. Teaching these life skills will make their stay in any public or international school in Manila more exciting.
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